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Novel CRISPR-based technology for rapidly screening genes to understand

Zebrafish—small, fast-growing organisms that share the same genes as humans—are important to many biologists, finding them uniquely effective for learning a variety of questions, from how organisms evolve, How the nervous system drives habits. Now, with a new expertise developed by the College of Utah scientists known as mic-drops, fish may be more effective for… Read More »

Science outreach in my mother tongue

Flavia Viana and Ana Tales are postdoctoral researchers who left Portugal for their studies or research. They both volunteer with Native Scientist, a non-profit organization based in London, which runs science-communication workshops for children across Europe. The organization aims to inspire children to pursue higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by… Read More »

Fieldwork at your fingertips: creative methods for social research

We are members of a social-science laboratory in Sydney, Australia, and collectively we research how social factors, such as gender or education, affect health and how people integrate digital technologies into their everyday lives Huh. We have studied topics including smartphone usage, women’s health and fitness practices and how people track self-improvement metrics using smartwatches.… Read More »

Technology alliance boosts efforts to store data in DNA

According to market-analysis firm IDC, the digital universe can add some 175 jetbytes per year by 2025. Followed by 175 with 21 zeros. Large-scale data centers and vast energy resources will be needed to maintain the amount of information. A small but growing group of researchers advocates DNA as a permanent, stable replacement. These efforts… Read More »

What I learnt from 700 e-mail applications

In 2014, through a four-year degree course in mechanical engineering at the Government Engineering College in Thiruvananthapuram, India, I was already desperate to start my career in research, so I started planning early. When I finally graduated I started applying for positions abroad. I was one of three applicants shortlisted for a research internship on… Read More »

Seeing biodiversity from a Chinese perspective

British zoologist Alice Hugh has been working at the Xishuangbana Tropical Botanical Garden in Mangalun, southern China’s Yunnan province, for nearly eight years. She reveals what she has learned about the country’s approach to ecological conservation ahead of its first United Nations Biodiversity Conference in May in Kunming, Yunnan. What is your current role? I… Read More »