Understanding the Importance of Online Education

By | October 20, 2021

The pandemic changed the world in many ways, and one of the sectors most affected was – and still is – the educational system. Schools, universities and other traditional institutions around the world had to close their doors and send their students home.

While some of them were able to move their classes online thanks to the already existing remote platforms, most of the officials and teachers were caught unprepared. Struggle to capture and provide effective solutions.

Importance of online education platform after pandemic
What is the effect of social distancing on education? Can we trace some of the implementations of educational video platforms that have proven successful over the past year?

The new reality of distance education
We already know that e-learning can be very effective as students can create their own experiences to make the process more enjoyable.

– – Key: Students are learning at their own time and pace, with the possibility to return, drop off or re-read when they need or want.

However, it is important for students to be able to learn at their own pace – having the right technology, IT infrastructure and access to digital knowledge. In this case, when the pandemic hit the world, both teachers and students were suddenly forced to move school to their homes – learning how to make the new remote learning experience work.

How did the “new reality” of digital and distance learning affect education?
One thing is that the teacher-student interaction is different in the virtual class. In a classroom, instructors are constantly adjusting their lessons in response to student feedback.

Something that is far more difficult to achieve via camera, especially when it comes to identifying someone who might need extra help.

Another important factor is the attention element, especially with younger students. It can be very easy for teenagers and children to become distracted, doubly so if you consider that the Internet and social media platforms are just a click away.

This is why the level of interaction may be more or less limited during a socially distant class.

To be effective, online classes need to be presented and structured differently.
It is important to remember that learning works because (and when) it is a social and engaging activity.

Therefore, teachers need to adapt their lessons to enhance the virtual experience and make it more interactive, for example, using engaging educational videos or interactive slide presentations.

Ultimately, the goal is to motivate students and whether or not to encourage them to get involved online. Therefore, integrating fun games and activities to apply what they’ve learned, or assigning hands-on projects that they can do at home, has become more important than ever.

Also, good and consistent communication is important. Teachers should take advantage of the many support tools available and create a more class-like social-learning environment. For example, using chat groups, video meetings and document sharing to reach and attend students regularly.

In the spotlight of distance education solutions: Online education at its best

Online education can “take” many forms – e-books, real-time classes, video courses, online interactive activities, and more.

Now, given that the format is super versatile, engaging, and helps you convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, we have chosen examples of online education with videos. Some of them are more simple and were self-made, while others were developed by talented educational video makers.

What do they all have in common? First, they demonstrate the amazing power and versatility of these tools when applied correctly.

Few things are more compelling, creative, and memorable than animation, especially when paired with solid storytelling. No matter how abstract, flat or difficult a concept may be; By using animations, you can make the message more accessible, engaging and understandable.

Love this educational video that thoroughly covers the topic of inbound marketing in less than three minutes!

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