Top Customer Service Jobs That Pay Well and Where to Find Them

Many various companies, including catering, retail, hospitality, and travel, to mention a few, employ people in customer service positions. An organization’s customer service division is merely one component of what it is overall. Building customer loyalty depends heavily on the agents that work in customer service positions.

You need to be a master communicator and people person if you want to work as a customer service agent. A customer service professional’s main objective is to improve client satisfaction. You’ll discover some of the top high-paying customer service positions in this guide.

How Much Money Can You Make in Customer Service?

Customer service representatives make an average yearly pay of $35,830, including us Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Some individuals work in customer service since the positions pay hourly and do not call for a college education. Additionally, customer service positions provide greater flexibility than paid positions, enabling you to pursue a second job to supplement your income.

Customer service representatives get a fair wage, albeit it may vary based on the tasks they handle and the sector they work in. Retail sales employees make $27,320 on average a year, according to the BLS, while financial clerks, like those who handle insurance claims, make $41,520.

What Positions in Customer Service Pay the Most? The Best Customer Service Jobs to Consider for Highest Pay

Banking, insurance, selling, and management are the highest-paying positions in customer service. Before settling on a specialty, you will probably develop a number of talents at the beginning of your career. The customer service positions with the highest salaries are listed below.

Customer Support Specialist

Typical wage: $55,510
The rise in employment: 9%
Bell Canada, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Blizzard Entertainment are all hiring.
A customer support professional, often known as a technician, offers technical assistance to companies and the users of their networks. You’ll need both technical expertise and customer service abilities for this position.

Answering consumer questions, resolving technical problems, resolving client problems, and maintaining computer systems are all tasks performed by technicians. A lot of times, this job serves as a stepping stone for careers as network administrators or IT technicians. Although it can be done from a distance, this work is typically full-time.

Real Estate Manager

The average pay for real estate managers is $59,660
The rise in employment: 3%
Companies hiring: Union Pacific, Amazon, and Pepperdine University
A property manager arranges real estate transactions with possible clients, such as leasing and purchasing. They manage a variety of properties, including residential and business buildings. They also keep an eye on market research, rental violations, and lease compliance. You need to be a good speaker and feel at ease handling legal paperwork if you want to work in real estate.

Flight  attendant

A typical salary of $59,050
30% increase in employment
Frontier Airlines, Republic Airways, and SkyWest Airlines are all hiring.
Onboard an airline, a flight attendant tends to passengers and frequently engages in international conversation. They often have a love of travel and are required to complete particular training and testing as part of their employment. Benefits and a flexible schedule make working long hours at this customer service position worthwhile.

Insurance Sales Agent

The average pay for insurance sales agents is $52,180
The rise in employment: 7%
Employers include Assurance, Smith Home & Auto Insurance, and Liberty Mutual Insurance
Potential customers are contacted by an insurance salesperson who presents them with the insurance plans and special deals offered by their firm. By offering the pertinent information, they assist clients in making the best policy choice. Sales representatives with strong interpersonal and sales abilities are sought after by insurance businesses. Insurance sales representatives must achieve their employer’s sales goals in order to get a commission.

Health Information Specialist

Typical wage: $45,240
The rise in employment: 9%
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and CVS Health are all hiring.
You need high school graduation, computer skills, and experience to work as a health information professional. As you will be engaging with individuals who have just had treatment, you should also be extremely detail-oriented and optimistic. The pay and benefits are one benefit of working in customer service.

Financial Clerk

Average pay for a financial clerk: $41,520
Increase in employment: -2%
Employers include West Texas Centers, State of Georgia, and Valley View Casino
A financial clerk does office tasks associated with financial accounts. To monitor the financial data of their consumers, they should be able to multitask. Credit management positions are available for financial clerks in banks, universities and colleges, loan companies, and even casinos. You should have excellent math abilities and a keen sense of numbers for this position.

Travel agent

The average pay for a travel agent is $42,350
Increase in employment: 5%
Employment opportunities at Hopper, Kemp Travel Group, and World Travel Holdings
A travel agency organizes the entire trip for its customers, including lodging, transit, and entertainment. They assist clients to organize the ideal trip by responding to any questions about the itinerary they have designed. In addition to developing and maintaining contacts with other hospitality firms, a travel agent has to be well-organized and have strong research abilities.

Catering Coordinator

The average pay for a catering coordinator is $56,590.
15% increase in employment
MGM Resorts International, Four Seasons, and Radisson Hotels Americas are all hiring.
A catering coordinator oversees the management of food services and catering accounts for a location, such as a hotel. They are in charge of executing and enhancing event catering and cultivating customer connections.

A catering planner should be skilled in marketing since they will frequently use social media to connect with potential customers. They must also welcome attendees when they arrive and see to it that the attendees have a good time.

Customer Service Representative

Typical pay: $35,830
No increase in employment
Apple, Alaska Airlines, and Frontline Call Center are all hiring.
Customer care associates, also known as customer service representatives, speak with consumers directly. To offer the finest possible customer service, they must meet the client, address problems, and give priority to needs. In this position, you can also be required to follow up with clients in order to strengthen bonds and create enduring trust in an effort to keep clients.


Average pay for receptionists: $31,110
A rise in employment: 4%
Marriott International, Park Hyatt New York, and JPMorgan Chase Bank are all hiring.
A receptionist is typically employed by businesses to welcome clients and guests, answer incoming phones, organize appointments, and direct clients to meeting spaces. Excellent manners, interpersonal skills, and the capacity for multitasking are requirements for the receptionist. In order to manage emails and record contact information, they must also be computer proficient.


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