The 10 Best Customer Service Jobs

By | January 27, 2022

Those contemplating a career in customer service have a wide range of employment opportunities. Almost every industry has openings for these positions. Call centers, physical and online merchants, credit card issuers and agencies, insurance providers, and financial institutions are among the top employers.

Nearly 3 million individuals worked in customer service positions in 2020, dealing with clients to resolve issues, complete orders, and respond to inquiries.

Skills & Certifications in Customer Service

Strong listening, communication, and phone skills, as well as prowess in problem-solving, information documentation, dispute resolution, information analysis, relationship building, and multitasking, are required of a candidate for a job in customer service.

A high school diploma and computer literacy are typically requirements for customer service positions. On-the-job training is offered by many businesses. Opportunities for work growth and progress frequently exist without the need for further education or training.

Excellent communication skills and a focus on the needs of the client are prerequisites for managerial jobs, which often call for a college degree or relevant experience.

Careers in Customer Service

There are many career opportunities available if you have the necessary skill set and the desire to assist others.

Entry-level positions in customer service are common, and there is room for advancement into managerial and supervisory roles.

You might be able to work remotely for some customer service positions, depending on the role and the firm. The ability to work flexible hours during the day, evenings, and weekends is a bonus for most employment.

Top 10 Jobs in Customer Service

Following are a few typical customer service positions and their salaries:

1. Agent in a call center

As a call center representative, you have the option of working remotely or on-site. No matter where you are, you will respond to consumer calls and emails. You may submit orders, reply to and handle customer complaints, or schedule appointments, depending on the position. A high call volume, as well as superior communication and problem-solving abilities, are demanded of call center employees.

PayScale estimates that the median yearly wage for a call center agent is $27,664.5.

2. Associate in Client Relations

The people in charge of client relations cultivate and manage ties with the most crucial clients. Working directly with allocated clients to ensure their satisfaction with the company’s services and goods, is a hands-on position. It is your responsibility to make sure clients are satisfied. To do this, you should collaborate with other team members, departments inside the organization, and outside vendors.

Salary: As per Glassdoor, a customer relations associate makes an average of $48,305.6 a year.

3. Coordinator of Client Services

Task completion is the responsibility of client services coordinators. They could be in charge of processing orders, organizing and setting up services, monitoring delivery and installations, and handling client complaints. Strong phone skills and the capacity to multitask are requirements for this position.

PayScale estimates that the average yearly wage for a client services coordinator is $44,040.

4. Concierge

You might succeed as a concierge if you enjoy helping people and are educated about lodging options, dining establishments, transit options, and any other data that might facilitate and improve the customer experience. The staff of many hotels includes concierges who make reservations, recommend activities, and coordinate transportation for visitors. Many of the same functions are performed by virtual concierges over the phone, online, via email, or through a messaging platform.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, a concierge makes an average of $34,023 a year.

5. Customer service agent

The umbrella term for a variety of customer service positions is “customer service representative” (CSR). To process orders, give information about a company’s goods and services, and address problems, customer service employees communicate with customers.

Be aware, nevertheless, that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates a decrease in the number of these positions during the following ten years due to rising automation. The occupation is expected to experience a 1% drop between 2020 and 2021, according to the BLS.

Pay: The median yearly wage for a customer service professional, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $35,830.2

6. Receptionist or front desk employee

A front desk job is a terrific career choice if you have excellent communication skills and the capacity to handle phone and in-person interactions. You’ll probably put in a 40-hour work week in a business environment. Working nights, weekends, and holidays may likely be required if you work in a hotel, resort, or other hospitality establishments.

Pay: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a receptionist has a median annual salary of $31,110.

7. Member Services Professional

Members receive excellent customer assistance from member services professionals. You might be providing service to a high-end credit card holder, a customer of a bank, or an insurance firm, for instance. Answering inquiries from members, offering services, and outlining advantages are all part of this position. Depending on your employment, work hours and pay may differ.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, the base salary for a member service expert is $35,185 annually.

8. Coordinator of Patient Care

Patient care coordinators are employed by medical practices, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, public health organizations, and insurance firms. They arrange treatments and procedures, set up appointments, and secure insurance company preapprovals. For the majority of opportunities, you’ll need to be conversant with medical jargon, and the position might call for prior healthcare expertise.

Pay: According to Glassdoor, the average yearly compensation for a patient care coordinator is $43,120.

9. Customer Care Associate for Social Media

A social media customer service representative responds to angry consumer tweets and Facebook posts. This position comprises keeping an eye on a company’s social media pages, answering questions, resolving difficulties, and if required, elevating matters to management.

Pay: According to Glassdoor, a social media customer service associate makes an average annual salary of $34,482.

10. Technical Support Specialist

Consider a tech support position if you have strong technical abilities, knowledge of a particular product’s software, applications, or hardware, and the ability to diagnose issues, find solutions, and work well with others. A college degree, certification, or training might be necessary for this in-demand position. This task can be completed remotely. Apple, for instance, employs At-Home Advisors.

PayScale estimates that a technical support representative makes an average annual income of $35,027.

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