Importance of doctor in our life

By | June 25, 2021

Importance of Doctor:  A doctor is person qualified in medicine and treatment to heal sick and injured people. A doctor is like a god because he saves people from many diseases. Doctors have special equipment to diagnose body problems quickly. A good doctor prioritizes service, not money. 

A doctor is usually assisted by a nurse and a compounder. We in India celebrate Doctor’s Day every year on 1st July. A doctor is a person who helps to keep human health in a healthy state.

Doctors have different fields to treat various diseases of humans, animals and plants. There are many diseases. Only doctors fight those diseases and treat those who are infected.

Doctors have an important place in our society. Doctors are very important for us and our society. Doctors not only treat diseases, but also advise patients about diet, health and hygiene.

importance of doctor 


Doctor is a very useful member of the society. He cures our disease. He finds out about the cause of our illness. Then he gives us medicines, he cures us. Doctors lead very busy lives. They have no fixed working hours.

In case of emergency, they have to visit patients even at midnight. He doesn’t get enough rest and doesn’t get enough sleep. Village doctors face many difficulties. Sometimes no medicine is available but still he tries his best to save the life of the patient.

The doctor loves the patient. He always smiles and churns. He speaks in a soft tone. People have faith in doctors. Doctor is the academic title that represents one’s qualifications. Doctor means a person qualified to treat sick people.

Doctor plays a major role in our life. Doctor is a noble profession. They are very hardworking and polite. He dedicates his life to his work. They are in different types like Surgeon, Cardiologist, Dentist etc.

Doctors always try to cure the diseases of patients and they always give genuine advice for our health. They also support their patients mentally. Doctors are seen hanging a stethoscope from his neck.

They are always available for emergencies. Nurses also help doctors. We are thankful to the doctors for their invaluable contribution. Doctors are considered to be the life givers after God. That’s why we should always respect doctors.

A doctor is a person who eliminates the suffering of others. He is the doctor who saves people from diseases. A doctor struggles his whole life to improve the lives of others. A good doctor feels the pain of humanity. A doctor is necessary for every society.

We often face many health problems in our daily life. To solve these problems, we need the help of a doctor. Such doctors who are loyal to their profession are seen with respect everywhere in the society.

Doctors protect our health just as soldiers protect the country. It is not possible to solve even the smallest diseases without a doctor. It is because of the doctor that today we are healthy despite being surrounded by so many diseases. Doctors are known worldwide for their hard work and philanthropy.

Doctor’s Day is also celebrated to thank and honor them for their meritorious contribution so that the doctor can feel proud. The doctor is given the status of God in the society. In the olden times the doctor was called Vaid. We all should respect doctors.

Doctor is an essential element of our society. The duty of a doctor is to treat and take care of sick people. Any doctor must have an intention to serve humanity. Doctor is a profession that earns a lot of respect in the society.

Unlike many other professions, a doctor treats people belonging to different religions and castes. A good doctor never discriminates between his patients and never lets the patient feel their religion, caste.

There are different doctors for different diseases. For example, those who treat physical ailments are called doctors while those who treat mental illnesses are called psychiatrists. The one who fixes our teeth is called Dentist, the one who performs surgery is called Surgeon. A person who diagnoses heart problems is called a cardiologist. There are many diseases and for each there is a special doctor.

A doctor leads a routine life. He gets up early in the morning, goes to the clinic or hospital, works all day, returns home in the evening. Sometimes a doctor works even at night when there is an emergency.

We can say that the life of a doctor is very difficult. Be it day or night a doctor is active all the time to give relief and comfort to his patient. Despite such a hectic routine, he never falls ill.

A good doctor is one who serves and treats a patient regardless of his urgent duties. Doctors are good friends of sick people. They talk politely with the patient.

A doctor always tries to keep his patient comfortable and relaxed. He always has a smile on his face and is very gentle with his patient. Doctor is very necessary, he is a god after god for sick people.

One doctor saves many lives. If there were no doctors, many people would have died due to diseases. Only a doctor can understand any disease or pain in the human body.

Doctors spend their entire lives studying and understanding diseases. Only the doctor has the proper skills and treatment to save lives.

When we are sick, only doctors treat us, while telling us productive ways to stay healthy and strong. Doctors help us to live life to a great extent.

We should not forget this favor from them. The role and importance of doctors in our lives has been most valuable during the current pandemic.

Doctors have always played an important role in the lives of individuals and society. The contribution of doctors to human health is beyond comparison as doctors not only save lives but they also help patients to reduce pain, recover quickly from illness and improve the patient’s quality of life.

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