How to Make Your Father Happy

Father is the boat in which we cross the ocean of life. Papa is simple caring but seldom shows his feelings to the children. Fathers also love their children in the same way as a mother does. Simply, the way they express their love is completely different. Generally, dads are more attached to their daughters, however, most fathers love both the children equally.

Similarly, children also express their feelings in front of their father through love, attention, care or sometimes gifts. Gifts play a huge role in making this relationship a beautiful bond. Children can easily express their love towards their father through gifts.

On this Father’s Day, you can also make your father happy by giving a nice gift and make your father feel special. Otherwise, there are many ways in which you can impress your father.

In this article we are telling you 12 ways to make your father happy by which you can make your father happy. Let’s know how to keep your father happy.

How to make your father happy? 12 ways 

how to make your father happy how to make your father happy Ways to make your father happy Ways to make your father happy 

1. Spend Time With Him 

You are grown up, very busy with job, business or studies but you need to find time for your dad. An hour spent with him means a lot to him. You can just sit with him, tell him about your daily routine, share a good news with him or play with what he likes. Spending just one hour every day with your dad will make your dad realize how much you really love and care for him.

If you are very busy, spend time with him at least once a week. If you live far away you can visit him as often as you can. If it is not possible to see him in person due to distance, give time to your father through a phone call or a video chat.

2. Surprise Him 

Another way to make your dad feel happy and loved is to gift him whenever there is a special occasion, especially his birthday. You can celebrate these special moments together.

3. Respect Their Values 

The best way to please and respect a father is to respect his values. Your father feels happiest when you try to apply his values ​​in your life.

Avoid hurting their sentiments by respecting the values ​​and principles they have lived up to throughout their life.

4. ease his burden 

Once you become independent and start earning on your own then you should try to share the burden of your father. Whether you live with him or you have to move to another country for a job, you should help him handle domestic matters. You should contribute and be the courage of your father. It’s your turn to return what your dad did for you and your family.

5. Marry a good person 

Apart from giving their children a stable career, parents also expect them to have a reliable partner. So marry a man whom your father and even mother feel comfortable seeing with you.

6. Avoid Bad Habits

If your father gives you the freedom to do whatever you like, consider how your decisions and actions will affect your father. No parent wants to see their children get destroyed by bad habits like gambling, smoking, alcohol, drugs, mobile game addiction etc.

So keep dad away from worries. Avoid any evil which may be dangerous to your health or may be a threat to your future. This is for your own good.

7. Avoid Arguing With Your Father 

Your father deserves respect, even if he is not perfect. There may be a time when you will have conflicting opinions or ideas. Even if you think you have a better idea than her, avoid arguing with her. You can share your opinion with your dad but with respect and calmness.

8. Serve Your Dad 

No service is enough to replace your father’s love, provision, support and sacrifice. Nevertheless, take advantage of every opportunity to serve him.

9. Take Her Advice 

Your father may give wrong advice, but he will be happy to take advice from his father in everything. This makes your father feel that he is still valuable and necessary to his child.


Father is the only person in the world who wants my good to be more successful than me. Because the success of his child is the source of happiness of the father. So, especially whenever something good happens to you, do share it with your dad.

At last,

You are the ultimate happiness of your father. The biggest way to please your father is to respect him. Always follow the path shown by him in life. Don’t fall into the wrong company.

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