Best Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home

By | January 29, 2022

By far most telecommuters need to keep telecommuting part-time for other professions, as per research from Buffer and AngelList.1 But imagine a scenario where your manager isn’t ready for you to work from home for eternity.

All things considered, contingent upon what you do, a change to independent may be for you.

Top Freelance Job Options

FlexJobs, a membership administration for work searchers, noticed a few quickly developing adaptable vocation classes, including showcasing, promoting, non-benefit, HR, and web search tool optimization.

All in all, outsourcing isn’t only for journalists and other creatives. (Despite the fact that there are a lot of chances for those people, as well.) Here’s a gathering of a few freelance positions some you’d never anticipate.


We should begin with the self-evident: freelance writing is exemplary work-from-home work. On the off chance that you’re not previously working at home as an author, in any case, you probably won’t understand the number of various kinds of freelance writing positions there are. From news-casting to copywriting, publishing content to a blog to virtual entertainment, there are writing positions for each personality and sort of involvement.

Common Pay: $41,000 each year

Editing and Proofreading

Freelance editing positions aren’t only for prepared grammarians. Assuming that you have a degree in English, correspondences, or reporting and an eye for detail, you might have the option to parlay your abilities into a passage-level gig as an editor or collaborator editorial manager. Editors plan, direct, and modify the material for distribution in books, papers, periodicals, or on sites. Editors survey story thoughts and conclude what material will claim most to perusers. During the survey interaction, editors offer remarks to work on the item and propose titles and features.

Common Pay: $46,000 each year

Promoting and PR

In the event that you have a telephone and a web association sufficiently solid to support a video call, you can do your showcasing or PR work from the solace of your own home. Simply be ready to take an intermittent on-location meeting. Generally speaking, the client will need to take a gander at their promoting or PR master in the eye every so often and not simply on Zoom. Web-based entertainment organizer and supervisor occupations likewise fall under this umbrella.

Ordinary Pay: $55,000 each year


Transcription occupations for the most part come in three sorts: clinical, lawful, and statistical surveying. The last option requires a minimal measure of the study, concerning really getting to know the particular specialized language of the field. In many examples, transcription occupations are dispensed by an organization, which will expect you to take a composing test and then, at that point, set you up with occupations on a case-by-case basis.

Transcribing involves paying attention to recorded sound (or video) and composing what you hear in exactly the same words. The sound documents are shifted and can incorporate center gatherings for statistical surveying, interviews, gatherings, calls, zoom calls, and so on.

There are various types of transcription occupations; general, statistical surveying transcription, clinical transcription, and lawful transcription. Typically, no experience is expected for general transcription. All things considered, organizations, for example, Take Note or TranscribeMe expect typographers to finish an assessment to guarantee they satisfy their high guidelines.

Normal Pay: $32,000 each year

Data Entry

On the off chance that you can type 60 words per moment or more, and track down monotonous work more Zen than dull, data entry occupations could work for you.

Data Entry Operator obligations remember gathering and entering data for databases and keeping up with precise records of important organization data. Our ideal competitor has fundamental data entry abilities, similar to quick composing with an eye for detail and knowledge of accounting sheets and online structures.
These are warnings for tricks. (More on telecommute work tricks toward the finish of this article.)

Regular Pay: $34,000 each year

Virtual Assistant

Assuming you have insight as an individual assistant, clerical specialist, or office director, you can make a comparable showing for an assortment of clients from the solace of your own home. Virtual assistants offer regulatory help via telephone and web, regularly managing an office that interfaces them with clients.

A virtual assistant is an independently employed self-employed entity that offers authoritative or specialized types of assistance to a client while working from a distance, outside the client’s business environment. They ordinarily help with errands that occupy extensive time for their client, like booking gatherings and arrangements. Virtual assistants normally telecommute yet approach the computerized assets important to take care of their business. For instance, they might have the option to enter data into a client’s database and add arrangements to their computerized schedules.

Average Pay: $41,000 each year

Call Center Jobs

Virtual call place occupations are similar gigs to in-person work, less the excursion to the call community. One admonition: ensure you know whether the organization will give paid preparation, or then again assuming you should make good for your own beginning up costs. The last situation could cost you a chunk of change or end up being a trick.


  • Handle numerous inbound and outbound calls to clients and clients.
  • Recognize the requirements of clients, resolve issues, and give arrangements.
  • Upsell different items at every possible opportunity.
  • Guarantee you follow the client care script given by the organization consistently.

Average Pay: $30,000 each year

Web-based Tutoring

Mentor rudimentary, center school, secondary school, or undergrads on an assortment of subjects, by means of the web. Most organizations will need to show experience in the subject you’re tutoring, in addition to professional education.

In an online teaching job, the instructor takes on online stages to convey the illustrations to the understudies. The instructor establishes a virtual climate with the assistance of different online teaching stages. With the headway in innovation instructors presently can take one on one live meetings with understudies. Whenever you search for online tutoring jobs for understudies, you should know specific things to turn into an online coach. You are beginning with the least insight or very nearly zero information. The difficulties you need to confront increment. So you want to make basic advances and focus on the vital things to snag your ideal job.

Ordinary Pay: $39,000 each year

Your Full-Time Work, as a Freelance Job

Try not to expect that your present occupation is incongruent with your freelance life. Many positions that appear to be solidly established in the physical universe of actual workplaces and offices are ideal for outsourcing.

For example, enrolled attendants can observe an assortment of freelance gigs or seasonal work that require their licensure, abilities, and experience, including the case of the board for an insurance agency, phone emergency, and clinical call community work.

Be careful with Scams

Tucked away among the many authentic work-from-home work postings are tricks of shifting levels of cunning and pernicious expectation. To try not to get found out by a work-at-home work trick:

  • Continuously research organizations before you submit.
  • Try not to send cash, record or federal retirement aide numbers, or any data that would make it more straightforward to take your character.
  • Be careful with associations that expect you to purchase a pack before you can get everything rolling or vow to assist you with getting wealthy in a rush.
  • The primary concern, recall the saying: on the off chance that it sounds unrealistic, it normally is.

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