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Building a university to deliver work-ready engineers

Helping to build a university from scratch is the hardest job in my life, but the effort has paid off. Here, I stand at a learning space at the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) in Hurford, UK. We were originally planning to begin directing in March, but the epidemic has pushed our… Read More »

How a scientist is addressing inequity in human-genomics research

Joining a newly established laboratory as her first PhD student gave Sameera Asgari a great foreshadowing of life as an independent researcher and gained insight into setting up a research program from scratch. The work of computational biologist Samira Asgari focuses on communities and individuals that are often overlooked in studies on human genetics, particularly… Read More »

Pay gap widens between female and male scientists in North America

In North American education and industry, female scientists with PhDs earn significantly less than their male counterparts, receiving two reports that examine wages in the United States and Canada. The US National Science Foundation’s Survey of Arned Doctors tracked more than 55,700 people who earned PhDs between 1 July 2018 and 31 June 2019, including… Read More »