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Closing in on a complete human genome

The human genome is often compared to a landscape, with a complex and diverse topography of genes and regulatory sequences. But in many places, the area is less dramatic vistas and more desert highways: vast and repetitive. Consider a chromosome’s centromere, which connects its two gene-laden arms. Centromeres include thousands of identical homologous α-satellite sequences… Read More »

High-Paying Careers for Women

High-Paying Careers for Women:- The gender pay opening perseveres, notwithstanding the way that there’s been some headway. As shown by a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women by and by gain 82 pennies for every dollar acquired by men-20 pennies more than in 1979, the fundamental year for which figures were available.1 But… Read More »

Taking graphene out of the laboratory and into the real world

I am a business developer at the Catalos Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) in Barcelona, ​​Spain. My job is to help scientists market their ideas and inventions. Recently, most of those ideas have included graphene, a layer of carbon that is just one atom thick. Graphene is hard but very flexible like a diamond.… Read More »

Breaking the binary by coming out as a trans scientist

As my intro slide changed the scene in front of the audience, I felt distant. Following in my footsteps, I introduced myself to my department’s annual ‘Aap ko kho jaata hai’ and networking retreat. “Hey, some of you may remember me as Liz, but I’m transitioning. My name is Robin! I’m from East Los Angeles… Read More »

How to get started in quantum computing

To the untrained eye, a circuit built with IBM’s online Quantum Experience tool looks like something out of an introductory computer-science course. Logic gates, the building blocks of computing, are built on digital canvas, converting the input into output. But it is a quantum circuit, and gates do not modify the common binary 1 or… Read More »

We’ll meet again: scientists’ post-pandemic wish list

Even in the region of far central Brazil, the Chapada dos Vederios, a mountainous land of waterfalls and the occasional jaguar philosophy, is very much dependent on interactions with science people. In ‘normal’ times, Raisa Viera, an ecologist at the International Institute for Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro, will be known as a regular resident,… Read More »

‘Elite’ researchers dominate citation space

An analysis of more than 26 million scientific studies published by more than 4 million researchers between 2000 and 2015 found that as of 2015, the top 1% of most cited authors accounted for 21% of all citations. This citation disparity has become more extreme over time, and the share of citations from US-based scientists… Read More »

My race against time to capture the sounds of ancient rainforests

Natural sounds have always called me. As an Echo and electro-actics researcher with a background in sound engineering and electronic music composition, I have always tried to strike a balance between art and science in my work. In 1998, when I first heard about the extinction crisis – over 35,500 species of flora and fauna… Read More »

Fieldwork at your fingertips: creative methods for social research

We are members of a social-science laboratory in Sydney, Australia, and collectively we research how social factors, such as gender or education, affect health and how people integrate digital technologies into their everyday lives Huh. We have studied topics including smartphone usage, women’s health and fitness practices and how people track self-improvement metrics using smartwatches.… Read More »

Technology alliance boosts efforts to store data in DNA

According to market-analysis firm IDC, the digital universe can add some 175 jetbytes per year by 2025. Followed by 175 with 21 zeros. Large-scale data centers and vast energy resources will be needed to maintain the amount of information. A small but growing group of researchers advocates DNA as a permanent, stable replacement. These efforts… Read More »